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HC 395 -- Prelaw Seminar

This course will enhance students' understanding of how to prepare for, and how to be successful in law school as well as provide them with specific information concerning careers in the law. Students will gain practical insight and have the unique opportunity to interact with legal professionals and law school admission officers to explore their futures in law school and the legal profession. The main goal of the course is to help students to make a well-informed and appropriately self-aware decision about whether or not, and if yes, why, a career in the law is the professional path that best suits their personality traits, their academic strengths and weaknesses, their core values, and life interests. Upon completing the course, it is expected that students will:
  • be knowledgeable about the true benefits and challenges of an education and career in the law,
  • be knowledgeable about career opportunities available to one with a law degree, including the various specialty areas of practice,
  • be knowledgeable about law school admission requirements and application process,
  • have learned about how to effectively prepare for the LSAT,
  • have learned about how to be successful in law school,
  • have learned about how to finance a legal education,
  • have learned about how to choose the right law school for them,
  • have developed amicable and constructive relationships with other students seeking admission to law school at the university,
  • have developed a thoughtful, reflexive, personal and well-informed understanding of whether or not, and if yes, why, they want to go to law school and pursue a career in the law.